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Property Management Services 

Let us take the reins at your property, so you can make the most of your time and energy. We are detail-oriented, highly communicative, and unwaveringly professional. You can have complete peace of mind entrusting your property with us. 

To start with Intertex Property Advisors, call (661) 732-1787 or submit our online contact form with details about how we can serve you. 

Our Property Management Services

No matter the customer, our aim is the same: to ensure their properties provide them with maximum value. This aim is at the heart of our comprehensive property management services.

Below are our services and details about them:

  • Tenant Screening and Selection: We thoroughly assess prospective tenants by verifying income, checking credit history, performing background checks, and contacting references. 
  • Lease Management: We handle all the details of lease renewals and terminations. We also take care of every aspect of agreements, including drafting, reviewing, and enforcing terms. Our lease management work adheres to appropriate codes and regulations. 
  • Rent Collection: We establish efficient rent collection procedures, track payments, and enforce late payment policies.
  • Maintenance and Repair: We diligently coordinate routine maintenance tasks, address repair requests from tenants, and see that our customers’ properties are well-maintained and comply with safety regulations.
  • Financial Management: From budgeting, expense reconciliation, and owner disbursements to reporting, CAM audit and analysis, and handling accounts payable and receivable, we have all financial management covered. 
  • Legal Compliance: Our team is up to date on landlord-tenant law and safety codes. We ensure every property we manage meets the appropriate standards and that our services adhere to legal requirements.
  • Property Inspections: We conduct routine inspections to identify and get ahead of problems and keep up with the property’s maintenance.
  • Emergency Response: When your tenants need assistance, we are there. We handle plumbing and electrical problems and other issues.

Our Testimonials

    "Responded Timely"

    To Darcey, Chris, Dale, and the entire Intertex Team, thank you for a great ten years at KJP. As office condo owners and tenants of Intertext properties, we have been fortunate to have had such a professional and responsible partner and landlord. Chris and

    - Loren I. Witkin, CAC. LEED AP, Principal Citadel Environmental Services, Inc.
    "Prompt & Courteous Assistance"

    Intertex Property Advisors was able to assist me in every step of the process, from the development of my property through handling the day-to-day maintenance and management. My tenants appreciate their prompt and courteous assistance and I appreciate the

    - Todd A. Amspoker Partner Price, Postel & Parma LLP
    "Outstanding Team"

    IPA’s professional management of our property allows me to focus on managing our business. I do not have to be concerned about tenant issues, property maintenance or financial matters because the outstanding team at IPA seamlessly handles any issues

    - Anoosheh Bostani, CFO Mannco, LLC

How to Find the Right Property Manager

First and foremost, it is crucial to find a property manager with experience and expertise in managing properties similar to yours. Look for a track record of success in the specific type of property you own, whether residential, commercial, multi-unit, industrial, or anything else. 

Next, you want a property manager that prioritizes clear and consistent communication. They should be responsive and accessible. These things are essential for tenant satisfaction and your working relationship with the management company. 

Some of the last but certainly not unimportant things to look for include evidence of organizational and financial management skills, a dedication to meeting codes and regulations, and a demonstrable network of contractors and service providers

Looking through this list, Intertex Property Advisors checks every box. After decades in the business, we are equipped to successfully manage all types of properties. You do not only have to trust our word. Visit our reviews page to read testimonials from customers who were glad they worked with us. You can also check out properties we currently manage by visiting our managed properties page

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